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Pancake Day, London Edition

From crêpe eating competitions with my childhood friend K, to ordering pancakes at almost every brunch spot I visit, I must admit I’ve eaten my fair share of pancakes. And that’s not even the craziest part I can’t believe I’ve been in Lagos for 13months now and I haven’t had a single pancake – now that’s weird !! That has got to change Would have loved this list to include some spots in Lagos but I haven’t got there yet. So, if you’re in London and you don’t know where to go this Pancake day – here’s a helping hand. Keep reading for 8 of my favourite pancakes and where to get them (in no particular order) Enjoy! 1.) The El Classico What: Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup Where: The Breakfast Club (Any Location) 2.) The Cute One   What: Drop Scones with fresh berries and clotted cream Where: Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings 3.) The Indulgent One What: Buttermilk pancakes with fresh berries, streaky bacon, honeycomb butter and maple syrup Where: Sunday Cafe and Restaurant, Barnsbury …

Have You Tried? Kinako French Toast

If you’re in London, I’m pretty sure you’ve come across this desert by now. If you haven’t? Well today must be your lucky day.  Say hello to the Naomi Campbell of desserts; a sticky, buttery, golden crusty edged goodness that is sure to send shivers down your spine. Head down to Shackfuyu, a Japanese fusion restaurant in Soho, and tuck into their Kinako French toast served with matcha green tea ice-cream. 😋           Yes, I actually took a lot of pictures of this dessert. Thank goodness the ice-cream didn’t melt. Haha If you’re looking for something savory, try their Kimchi and fried chicken nun out for size.    

A day in Shoreditch

From numerous cafes to the shops on Redchurch street and all the best thrift finds Brick Lane has to offer, the streets of Shoreditch needs to be a must on your .. ‘Explore London’ list.  If you have one that is 🙂                                                                         Love & Light                                     Mimi

Columbia Road Flower Market

A haven for flower lovers everywhere. Grab your wallet and hit up this London favorite for pocket friendly bunches of  lilies, peonies and sunflowers and every other flower you can possibly think of. Stop of for brunch or a warm cuppa before or after you start shopping, marvel at the sight of the beautiful flowers and haggle yourself a nice steal.  It truly is a great way to spend your Sunday!                                 Love & Light                                  Mimi