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Eating and Exploring

Get to Know the National Dish Quest What is a holiday without the amazing food you get to try, nothing i tell ya! Eating and Exploring is actually the motto over here. Whilst trawling the interwebs, I stumbled upon the Traveleaters – a couple of foodies with major wanderlust (people after my own heart). Few clicks into their blog and I discovered that they were doing a National Food Quest – a mission to try the national dish of every country they visited. How cool is that? Knowing that it would take them yonks to finish the quest, they invited all their readers to join in and I answered their call. The Rules are pretty simple,  in order to qualify you need to: 1.) Have eaten the dish in that actual country Yes! Biryani’s in Birmingham don’t count 2) Have your own picture of the dish.     Simples! So join in the quest with me and tag #NationalFoodQuest with every picture you take. I’ll be tagging #mimaleeeats and captioning my conquests with National Food Quest – so you can check it out on my instagram and/or twitter. …

Book of Month, Longthroat Memoirs

“Nigerians will sit in restaurants – in every part of the world, in Lagos, and in Abuja – and eat sushi, fugu, Peruvian ceviche and piure. They will eat it all with an open mind, a fierce worldliness and a sexy congeniality, and then they will go home and bring out the amala (yam flour) and ewedu soup” “The Yorubas are self-conscious about having one of the least imaginative cuisines in Nigeria and are as finicky about their stews as they are about headtie trends. Only a Yoruba stew cannot be like gele; it isn’t really allowed to be trendy. In every Yoruba home, in the middle of every afternoon, there is a stew pot resting on the hob with the lid slightly askew. The jokes about Yoruba people and their stews, about the habitual, come-rain-or-shine pot of omi-obe, are threadbare. Omi-obe literally translates as “stew water”. It means exactly that: the body of the stew minus meat or fish. It is unquestionably derogatory when it comes out of my Igbo friends’ mouths. “What’s for …


I tried to give it up but the food life chose me  After weeks of postponing and last minute cancellations, W’s and I date to Nok had arrived. It was a Saturday and we were going to try out their Garden Menu, most importantly their suya hummus. W rides for her hummus, you see. Much to our despair after casually strolling in at 4pm..they were closed. I mean, who checks out opening times, really?! Apparently, they close between 4-6pm to set up for dinner. Crazy how at that exact moment our hunger pangs started. So we were faced with quickly deciding where we going to eat. Talindo’s? Crust and Cream? Sugarcane? oh Sugarcane! eekk. Going to Sugarcane at this time was actually scary, Plagued with bad reviews it hasn’t really gotten the best rep (food wise). But more than anything I was curious and wanted to try for myself. Plus, their red velvet pancakes were calling my name. And it was decided. Once inside you’re immediately greeted by the amazing geometrical decor and industrial style design. Exposed …

Arty Haunts

Welcome to Lekki Arts & Crafts Market – a huge open air market in Lekki with no website, no contact information, no anything (it’s one of those if you know, you know types).  Well I didn’t know and I reeeaally wanted to go. See my dilemma So i asked google, which showed me nowhere, asked a friend who didn’t know, asked twitter and got a response to check google. And with that I was back to square one. “How do I get to visit this market, universe?” Cue Ginika! (my awesome friend who designs even more awesome leather slippers – shameless plug) During one of our chats, she mentioned that she was going to visit Lekki Arts & Craft market with her sister! “Whuuut!” (thank you universe). With that in bag, i knew how i was spending my Sunday, tagging along of course! Happy days If you happen to find yourself in the same situation that I was, and Ginika isn’t there to help. Drive to the 4th roundabout on the Lekki-Epe expressway, you should find a sign for Oba Elegushi market, follow it .. …

Pink Paradise

It’s all pink! What’s not to love ?     I have a couple of places on my must explore list and The Blowfish Hotel happens to be one of them. From the bright pink exterior, the lush green trees to the blue pool !  This place is a photographers dream.     I love how relaxed it was, there was just this air of calm all around. It felt like a place, I could spend all day at. I guess it also helped that it was a public holiday and the weather was cool!  Apart from being a hotel, they also have a restaurant on the veranda, called “La Verandah” (no surprise there) will blog about my experience there soon.  I just wanted to show off my pictures 😊         Find The Blowfish Hotel at  No. 17 Oju Olobun Street, Off Idejo Street. Victoria Island.  Lagos, Nigeria.  Tel No – +234 1463 1298/99 +234 07080070329.

Nike Art Gallery

4 storeys of African Art heaven 😍     Still a Lagos, dare I say Nigerian favourite, this four-storey venue in Lekki plays host to an art gallery and a textile museum with a collection of over 7,000 pieces. It is enormous!   One rainy saturday, I grabbed by niece, my camera and we were off on our latest adventure (we do love our adventures)      You can’t miss Nike  Art Gallery, it’s this huge white building by Elegushi beach. There’s a cute cafe at the front and some quirky sculptures dotted about.      Walk in and marvel at contemporary art pieces in an environment that is warm and welcoming, as is the nature of ‘Mama Nike.’  Oh and if you happen to spot her when you visit, you might leave with a new Yoruba name. Cool right?       

Nostalgia at Ikoyi Club

Life in Lagos is fast-paced, it’s intense and it’s really easy to lose yourself in the myriad of weddings and repetitive “social routines”. I find myself missing the ease to my life in London, sure it had its dull moments but it was also very exciting. I could be at a street food pop-up today, an immersive exhibition the next or the theatre the following day (my kind of fun :)). I’m not saying Lagos doesn’t have these things, I’m pretty sure it does but I slowly realised, i haven’t been doing things for me. Things that make ME happy, that I enjoy! anyways that’s all about change… So i’m doing this thing where i have me-me weekends, (everyother weekend or so) and a pitstop at Ikoyi Club with mates kicked things right off. Ikoyi Club is filled with memories of childhood parties, living with no care in the world and serious grub.I mean who can forget their chips and sausage with chapman. #foodgoals right there! If you weren’t swimming in their pools or pissing in it (don’t deny …

Sup, Lagos

Huh .. What are you doing in Lagos?     Yes, I know you must be wondering what I’m doing here, In Lagos, Nigeria.. Well it’s pretty simple, I’ve moved back.. As annoying as the phrase ‘I Just got back is’ nothin else describes my situation better. I’ve moved back to Lagos to do my Nysc :(/ 🙂 (mixed emotions) Just incase you were wondering… NYSC is the National Youth Service Corporation. It is a mandatory year of service for every Nigerian graduate before you enter the workforce. . It’s kind of like the army but not really, you’re like serving your country. Get it?          It’s been 3 months and let’s say I’ve been taking things pretty easy. You know learning how to drive (which isn’t easy bt)w, spending time with family and old friends. But with Nysc starting pretty soon.. I’m gettin ready for this new Lagos lifestyle, and y’all better come on this journey with me. Pretty please

Pints, Proseccos and Pizzas

Sun’s Out Guns Out Summers day in Highbury Fields #FunInTheSun.. Woop Woop 20 boxes of Pizza? Check    Prosecco’s and Pints? Check A Raspberry in your Prosecco? Check Peeples (i.e. cool peoples)? Check and a damn good sunset! I think i out-grammed myself  with this shot 🙂  

The Rebirth

It’s been a while ! A lot has happened since I last blogged, I got a job Doing something I never thought I’d be doing Became a fully fledged Londoner and Got so overwhelmed I put my blog on the back burner. A month break became a 3-monther then 8months. Eeek!  I just kept feeling my blog wasn’t good enough, comparing myself to others and unsure of everything. With my time away, I’ve just been thinking of my purpose, wondering what exactly it is I’m meant to be doing. Just trying to make sense of ‘my life’ and all that jazz. I guess that’s what your twenties are for, you know, to figure stuff out and put things in motion.  Well, what I’ve realised is that I want food to be a part of it. Don’t really know how and to what extent but I’m ready to find out, carry on blogging and see where it all takes me. Currently writing this at 3:08am so ignore my rambling. I really hope you guys continue to follow me on this journey as I …