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I tried to give it up but the food life chose me

 After weeks of postponing and last minute cancellations, W’s and I date to Nok had arrived. It was a Saturday and we were going to try out their Garden Menu, most importantly their suya hummus.

W rides for her hummus, you see.

Much to our despair after casually strolling in at 4pm..they were closed.

I mean, who checks out opening times, really?!

Apparently, they close between 4-6pm to set up for dinner. Crazy how at that exact moment our hunger pangs started. So we were faced with quickly deciding where we going to eat.

Talindo’s? Crust and Cream? Sugarcane? oh Sugarcane! eekk.

Going to Sugarcane at this time was actually scary, Plagued with bad reviews it hasn’t really gotten the best rep (food wise). But more than anything I was curious and wanted to try for myself. Plus, their red velvet pancakes were calling my name.

And it was decided.

Once inside you’re immediately greeted by the amazing geometrical decor and industrial style design. Exposed light bulbs, granite looking floors and the like. Truly amazing work by the osspace

Okay Food time

P.S. the popcorn was a real treat

W went straight for the Avocado Hummus

Although she felt it lacked a certain je ne sais quoi

Suya perphaps haha

I happily gave it a try but I had reached the point of intense hunger that my palette was numb to taste and just wanted sustenance. Still a tad bit scared to experiment (bad reviews do leave a sour taste), We went straight for the burgers.

I mean you can’t mes up a burger right?

W had the Hawaiian and I went for the Mozzarella burger!

I loved the mozzarella parcels in the burger, one slice and the cheese oozes out. Yumm



W’s Hawaiian didn’t do it for her though and I wasn’t too fond of the bun.

I don’t know if its a Nigerian thing but it was crumbly.

However it was filling, I was stuffed and had to save my pancakes for another day.

Anywhoo’s Sugarcane, you were okay!*shrugs*

Will I come again? Maybe to try the other dishes on the menu – I mean judging a restaurant based off a burger is pretty lame.

W’s rating – 6/10

Find them at

No.6 Ologun Agbaje, Victoria Island




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