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La Pastaa at La Verandahh

La Taverna, La Veranda, La Taberna… you wouldn’t believe how many times I got the name of this place wrong. Just had to keep clarifying by saying, it’s the restaurant at The Blowfish. Sigh!

Le Verandah is an Italian restaurant owned by the guys behind The Blowfish, head over for an extensive menu of pastas and pizzas, plus some other Italian inspired niceties.

P.S.(If you missed my post on The Blowfish Hotel, check it out “here“)

I arrived hungry so i didn’t want to experiment with regards to the menu, just gave it a quick glance and ordered my fave – Spaghetti Carbonara. If an “Italian” restaurant botches up a simple carbonara then mate, it is doomed!

And thankfully it was really good! Our dish came with slices of toasted bread and a side of pate and chilli sauce.

You know that feeling when the conversation stops and all you can hear is slurping of pasta, clanking of forks and silence. Yup! that was us

I topped up the dish with black pepper and parmesan

I was a bit heavy handed with the parmesan, I must add! but then can you blame me, the price of cheese has gone alll the way up! Man must get their #4900 worth out of the dish hehe

I only enjoy lunch with friends who understand that my camera eats first

Although it was just a tad salty, i reaaallly enjoyed my dish and with the atmosphere at Blowfish, it made it all a very nice experience there.


Pasta- 4,900 NGN

Chapman – 1,500 NGN


Will definitely return 🙂




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