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Nostalgia at Ikoyi Club

Life in Lagos is fast-paced, it’s intense and it’s really easy to lose yourself in the myriad of weddings and repetitive “social routines”. I find myself missing the ease to my life in London, sure it had its dull moments but it was also very exciting. I could be at a street food pop-up today, an immersive exhibition the next or the theatre the following day (my kind of fun :)).

I’m not saying Lagos doesn’t have these things, I’m pretty sure it does but I slowly realised, i haven’t been doing things for me. Things that make ME happy, that I enjoy!

anyways that’s all about change…

So i’m doing this thing where i have me-me weekends, (everyother weekend or so) and a pitstop at Ikoyi Club with mates kicked things right off.

Ikoyi Club is filled with memories of childhood parties, living with no care in the world and serious grub.I mean who can forget their chips and sausage with chapman. #foodgoals right there!

If you weren’t swimming in their pools or pissing in it (don’t deny it.. You probably did), you were playing on a field of grass or queuing to buy suya!

Which we were ! 😀
It’s been 10years since I was here and I loved the fact that it wasn’t a derelict mess. It still had its charm and I was filled with pleasant memories as I walked around.

Yay Ikoyi Club!



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