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Have you tried? Chicken x Waffles

I try not to eat based on fads but i can’t help myself from being drawn to restaurants based on their signature dishes and at Craft Gourmet, their chicken and waffles seemed to be all the craze… and so you have it I found myself at Craft.

Okay before i get carried away…

Craft Gourmet is a “contemporary” restaurant in Mega Plaza by Lou Baker. It’s clean, bright, minimal and the staff are super friendly. I’m a sucker a nice decor so at a first glance, Craft won some sweet points in my book.


They serve breakfast and lunch dishes with an American and Middle Eastern influence.

Sooo we started with their hummus and meat – I was getting ready to tuck in, then i remembered that I’m allergic to chickpeas. I had a wee taste but didn’t eat much of it, but I think it needed a little squidge of lemon juice to to kick the hummus up a notch.


 Currently, the Pulled pork Lamb burger and Chicken and Waffles are all the craze, so a visit isn’t complete without a try. But if you’re anti-fad dished and want something different, ask Lou (you can’t miss her, decked up in her white chef hat walking around checking if everyone is okay) and she’ll happily recommend something special (The Chicken Yassa)



One of their signature dishes is this baby – crispy fried chicken served with waffles made with a cinnamon blend and a chilli jam.



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