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Sup, Lagos

Huh .. What are you doing in Lagos?


  Yes, I know you must be wondering what I’m doing here, In Lagos, Nigeria.. Well it’s pretty simple, I’ve moved back..

As annoying as the phrase ‘I Just got back is’ nothin else describes my situation better. I’ve moved back to Lagos to do my Nysc :(/ 🙂 (mixed emotions)

Just incase you were wondering…

NYSC is the National Youth Service Corporation. It is a mandatory year of service for every Nigerian graduate before you enter the workforce. . It’s kind of like the army but not really, you’re like serving your country.

Get it?


It’s been 3 months and let’s say I’ve been taking things pretty easy. You know learning how to drive (which isn’t easy bt)w, spending time with family and old friends. But with Nysc starting pretty soon.. I’m gettin ready for this new Lagos lifestyle, and y’all better come on this journey with me.

Pretty please



  1. Welcome back to Lagos :). I hope you have a great time ’cause NYSC can be frustrating and fun at the same time. Finished mine last October or so. I loooove every single one of your pictures!!!

    • Thank you so much Moji! Haha yes I’m discovering that, just trying to figure out my routine here.

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