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In case Stella Jean wasn’t already on your fashion radar, she sure will be now.Stella_Jean-24

Firstly.. lets have a 5sec dance party, Rihanna is back on instagram.. Yaaay!! And like the fashionista she is, Riri hit up instagram with her pictures at the White House with some Scandal themed captions. As if, i didn’t love her enough all ready

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 12.33.24

Play by Play of my thought process when i saw her picture

Ugh Rihanna is so stunning.. Wow i LOVE her dress..Chill is Rihanna wearing Ankara? Who made this? The relatively new designer has been thrust into the spotlight thanks to Rihanna in the Ankara Shirt Dress from Stella Jeans previous collection

So who is Stella Jean??Stella_Jean-17

Stella Jean is an Italian-Haitian Designer, ex model and a mommyStella_Jean-37Her heritage is a main influence on her designs. Haiti – brings the ankara, the prints, the colours whilst Italy juxtaposes the pieces with masculine cuts or very crisp tailored designs. Stella_Jean-42

I just took to her, I love her personal style, her vibe, She seems like an interesting personStella_Jean-50

its refreshing how a great an ambassador she is, for her own vision.

Stella Jean, the woman = Stella Jean the clothes.

It gives a sense of authenticity to her pieces


“It’s incredible [to work with African artisans]. The possibility to know the village and real African treasures—they have so much to show us. I think the moment has come that we can open our minds more and start a dialogue with them. Not that we keep looking at them from up to down, but in an equal way.” 


“…We have so much to learn because they already know everything about us. I’m working with the UN for ethical fashion. They’re working with me so we help each other and grow together—it’s not just us helping them. I discovered so many things there that are new.”

Stella Jean S/S 15 Collection


Eclectic and Eccentric


What do you think? Are you a fan of her pieces or just a fan of the lady herself


Images © Yannis Vlamos /,,



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