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Cocktails & Crystal

want to know what caused this huge guffaw?! yup i said “guffaw”.. read more

Sara Lincoln Photography-21

i promise you it wasn’t really that funny

I’m pretty sure most of you clicked the link to figure out what was so hilarious. What possible incident could have caused that reaction. Especially as i’m the only one laughing.  And this isn’t any ladylike, finger covered lips giggle.. It the headed tilted, full teeth flash, nose crinkled, eyes shut so tight type of laughter that comes from deep within.

Before we get to that, let me tell you about my day!

I was invited to a Cocktail Masterclass hosted by Crystal Ski Holidays in Bodos Schloss.

Holidays.. Cocktails.. Yup! I was sold


Lodged beside the Kensington hotel is the coolest bar/club/restaurant i’ve seen to date. Bodos, as i like to call it


ushered to a section at the back of the restaurant and immediately greeted with a glass of Prosecco

This was going to be a great night

Sara Lincoln Photography-3

i took my seat with bloggers, ski fanatics and newbies alike. Socialising and chatted through the night and got to meet Tom, Cantara, Cheylene, Sarah and Hannah.

Check out their awesome blogs 🙂

Sara Lincoln Photography-2

Some fellas in Lederhosen offered us yummy canapés

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 17.37.39

solely responsible for eating most the smoked salmon crostini’s

Sara Lincoln Photography-1

After we were wined & dined

Prosecco-ed and Canape-ed

The people over at Crystal Ski spoke about who they were and what they were about


They are your go-to for skiing and snowboarding holidays and after the talk, i was so keen to go skiing. I would have never considered that as a holiday option for myself but now it is. Its also not as expensive as i thought and it would most definitely be an experience

Shortly after the masterclass began

Apres- Ski style

Sara Lincoln Photography-23

Sara Lincoln Photography-24

The professionals showed us the ropes and guided us through.. The shaking bit caused a lot of giggles, it revealed the closet twerkers as well as the aspiring salsa dancers

I was amongst the latter

Ayy Carimbaa !

Sara Lincoln Photography-14

Hannah from A new addition and Sarah from This Girl Loves look like they were both with me on the salsa train

Sara Lincoln Photography-21


The funny thing is i have no clue why i was laughing.. sigh!

I must have caught myself pursing my lips, taking myself way to serious haha


oh crap! i hope she didn’t get my picture laughing like that


“play it cool, noone noticed”


Life is too short! Laugh


I made the Mile Muncher – gin, berries and egg white

yup! egg whites


and with a raspberry in the centre, there we have it.. It was actually really good


Cantara had a go.. but with all her fitness blogging and her super strength.. my camera couldn’t keep up


the results were unclear

Sara Lincoln Photography-9

Tom had to show her how it was done

Sara Lincoln Photography-13


that was my favourite drink – Bambi on Ice. The non alcoholic cocktail

i.e. juice

Sara Lincoln Photography-34

Cantara and Cheylene went ahead to the stronger drink, the Apres Animal. I casually sipped on my Bambi on Ice. Says a lot of myself, if i was to go skiing

As you can probably tell, i had a lovely night


we each got given a goody bag as a small token for attending


It included recipes on how to make the cocktails of the day

 possible cocktail post, next time?

Thanks again Crystal Ski

signatureImages © Sarah Lincoln Photography 



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