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Vietnamese Street Food


Quick stop at Pho

Hey guys, i’ve got a short and spicy recommendation for you today! Perfect for the winter days ahead. I hardly go to Westfield but when i do, visiting the Food Court is a sure thing! This time i was feeling like Pho


Pho-sho !

i think i’m out of Pho- puns now!


Placed my order and sat down with my copy of Americanah in tow, still haven’t finished reading that book. The plan was to read however, i was literally watching the timer. eyes fixed, counting down in my head.. don’t know why.. Its not like it doesn’t vibrate!



It was ready, meal for one


I started with the fried pork spring rolls.. i was pleasantly surprised by these. It was different from the standard spring rolls and was very tasty


it came with a peanut sauce – i love these ! I actually tried making my own a while ago, thats how much i love them


Sorry but i don’t know how my pho could have looked prettier

I can’t really remember what i ordered but i asked for a recommendation (typical mimi fashion) and ended up with a spicy pork pho

spicy pork pho, haha i love the sound of that

ooh you spicy pork pho !


slurp slurp slurp

I’m not much of a Pho-connoiseur but my meal was flavourful and it did the job, i would say


no noodles in sight or veggies in sight, thats a good sign

i’ve realised with pho, ramen and those sort of meals fill be up big time..

My first time trying this Vietnamese staple was certainly Unphogettable

 Sorry i had to

Rating: ★★★★



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