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The Joint


Quick pit stop at the Joint 


P.S Keep reading for a surprise 🙂

Down the bustling street of Marylebone, lays my new favourite spot “The Joint”. The Joint is a meat joint that began life in Brixton and has now opened in Marylebone.


I was having one of those long days, hungry but super tired.. unfortunately/fortunately i heard about the 50% of food deal for the soft launch of their Marylebone branch. I just found myself heading over to 19 New Cavendish Street, Lord knows where the energy came from.

50% off BBQ ! Come on, you know you would have done the same 


The restaurant is split on two floors and has a communal style of dining. Benches, and even a sink?.

 Get in and get stuck in .


The menu is straightforward, BBQ/Asian BBQ pulled pork in a bun or wrap, short rib burger, or baby back ribs. Sides of wings, bbq riblets, corn, onion rings, salad and the lot.

I went for the BBQ pulled pork bun. When it came, i was too excited to get stuck in. I was hit with the most incredible smell of freshly baked bread. They make their own bread over at the Joint, sourdough bun infused with fig and vanilla. Fancy.



The bun is packed with 16 hour slow cooked shredded pork, doused with BBQ sauce, crunchy apple slaw, lettuce and candied bacon.

Are you salivating yet?


These sides quickly followed in these parcels. Awakening the kid in you as you rip them open or carefully untie the knot, to discover what’s hidden inside. I struggled majorly getting the tag off, i simply gave up and gave it a huge tear.

Aint nobody got time for that


and Voila! 


i can’t sing these bbq wings enough praises.. finger lickin awesomeness


i also ordered the corn with bbq and garlic butter


Nom Nom

Unfortunately i had reached my limit, only after eating the pulled pork.. i kindly asked for a takeaway bag, the tiredness had resurfaced. The pulled pork had gotten the better of me. The staff packed away my sides and i took it home



Yay! you made it to the end. Okay, here’s the really really good stuff.. For those who missed it, 50% of food returns from Monday to Weds (20th -22rd). You have to take advantage of it while you can, it’ll be rude not too.


Lets see how many tags you can get 🙂

ADDRESS: 19 New Cavendish Street, Marylebone, W1G 9TZ CLOSEST TUBE: Bond Street (8mins walk)

Rating: ★★★★★




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