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Shoryu Ramen


Shoryu want some of this?


Long day of Shopping means eating out for me! So Maya and I headed over to Kingly Court, Carnaby in the search of the restaurant worthy of our presence. After scanning the map, we both squealed Shoryu in a combination of delight and intrigue, code for “Shoryu? Shoryu!” and in that moment, it was decided. Shoryu for dinner!


Shoryu is a ramen eatery from the people behind The Japan Centre.


The menu is a little difficult to grasp unless you’re a Ramen connoisseur. So we called over the waitress and she gave us a very quick breakdown.Apart from ramen, Shoryu offers various other items from yakitori, yakimono, sushi, sashimi and a huge selection of sides and drinks. I was indifferent, i just wanted spice and heat.DSC_0044

We ordered the pork hirata buns to start. The Hirata buns are filled with cucumber, lettuce and mayo along with the meat you choose.


I liked the texture of the buns, soft and fluffy in my mouth. I quite enjoyed them however Maya was playing the fence.


We also had the soft shell crab tempura. We were both disappointed when it came over, even from the picture the tempura didn’t look too happy! It was a sad tempura, we weren’t even excited to eat it and coming from me, that says a whole lot! However when we relayed that bit of information to our waitress, she seemed confused. Maybe we don’t know soft shell crab tempura, but taste I know and personally, i wasn’t a fan.


Because i had mentioned craving something spicy, Maya ordered the Piri Piri Tonkotsu. Pork, egg, jalepeno, pickled ginger, and a whole lot of noodles and a sprinkle of sesame seeds.


The broth was what sold the meal for me, this ramen would be perfect on a cold winter day! I just kept going back for more. Slurping and Slurping away, till i could no more.

It seems that there is a growth of ramen eateries on the London food scene, from Shoryu, Bone Daddies to Tonkotsu, to name a few. Take a break from the classic Chinese and Thai and go Japanese. Are you a ramen fan or is indomie enough noodles for you? 🙂

Love & Light




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