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Sunflower Blogger Award


You wanna get to know me?

So i was nominated for the Sunflower Blogger Award by the lovely Detuke of TukesQuest, here i go 🙂

The rules

Share 11 facts about yourself // Answer the questions set by the blogger that nominated you // Nominate 11 bloggers  // Set 7 questions for nominated bloggers (i might skip these two)


Sunflower award

The Facts

1.) I like to know random things.. I know all the countries in the world (would always show off about that), inquisitive mind, perhaps .. Sporcle is my best friend

2.) I’m pretty good at accents.. i did a pretty good eastern european one once when i was ordering chinese takeout, the guy then asked me where i was from, to which i responded Lithuania.. guess where he was from “Lithuania”.. Waheyyy!! So i happened to score some extra prawn crackers, although i’m pretty sure they were part of the meal deal.. Who knows.

3.) I love writing, wrote a couple of novels and plays, back in high school.. really hilarious, i even published one this website all-poetry once, but i can’t remember my log in information. It would be such a laugh to read now.


4.) Ribena is everything! i struggle to drink water (which is very bad, i know) case of the sweet tooth

5.) I love photography, pretty awkward in front of the lens, but more comfortable behind it.. would love to travel more and take loads of pictures on the way


6.) i can’t get enough of Burgers, well to be honest all food in general, i love watching cooking shows and the sort.. Food makes me happy

7.) I am the hugest couch potato, currently in bed typing this.. although i don’t mind going out, wandering and exploring. Nothing beats the comfort of my own bed.. all i need are some tv shows and good grub and i am happy!!


8.) I’m terribly shy around new people.. so if anyone sees me, i’m probably dying to say hi, but i just can’t, too much of a wuss to make the first move.. and its so hilarious cause when people get to know me they realise what a nutter i actually am

9.) I love exploring, travelling, wandering.. theres just so much to discover and experience. It just adds to the wealth of life


10.) Unhealthy obsession with Rihanna, like we need to be friends! she just doesn’t know it yet

11.) I have a few people who mean the world to me

– The Questions –


  1. If you could represent any brand, which one would you choose and why? Hmmm Celine and Saint Laurent, so i can get free clothes
  2. What’s one interesting thing you’ve learnt about me from reading my blog? i never knew you played the saxophone! Pretty darn impressed by that


3Do you have a phobia? Not really, i’m just terribly squeamish

4. If you were offered an all-expenses paid trip to anywhere in the World, where would you go and why? This is hard! Can’t choose a particular place..i think i’d want a tour of South-East Asia, just cause it’ll be amazing to experience the Eastern culture 


5. What is your greatest achievement/What is that something you’ve achieved that you are most proud of? Completing my undergraduate mapping project for my final year degree.. Thrust in the middle of nowhere for six weeks, walking around mapping! Can’t believe i did it… I’m also proud for getting the courage to start this blog, cause i’ve been meaning to for years!! So I’m happy i did and hope i continually see it through 

SAM_00856. What is your dream job/career? To own a company like LVMH and/or to be a creative editor of a big time magazine, that would be crazy

7. What is your favourite post on my blog and why? i quite liked the “lava themed one” cause you looked hot (no pun intended) and i loved the geography references (geologist Mims :))

You can visit Detuke’s Blog “HERE

Love & Light




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  1. Awww, Yayyy, finally, someone appreciates the geography references!! I actually wanted to study Geology but my dad wasn’t too keen with the idea, oh well!
    I would love to go round South-East Asia too, travelling is so Fun and enlightening. I haven’t yet done enough of it, I will one day though.
    Thanks for doing this Ayomide 🙂

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