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The Picnic Party


Gouter de la rentree

Yes! another La Patisseries des Reves post .. If you are amongst the select few that haven’t heard about LPDR, save yourself the embarrassment and get up to speed. Check my post “HERE“, You’re Welcome 🙂DSC_0002

Last Sunday, La Patisserie des Reves brought over their annual gouter de la rentree to London. A fun event for both adults and kiddies


The party was held in Portman Square, with a suggested dress code of pink and white. It is such a beautiful and lush garden and thankfully the sun was out.  


It was so cute spotting families dressed for the event; even fathers! and also seeing dots of people on Oxford street with their pink and white outfitsDSC_0030

 What is gouter de la rentree? you might ask, well no worries, i’ve got you!. Its basically a picnic party to celebrate the back to school week.  


 These pictures from teatimeinwonderland has to be my favourite, check out her blog to see the rest and read her post about the event


Each child was given a cute cardboard box with a pink balloon filled with a huge madeleine and a pain au chocolate and a treasure hunt to set them on their wayDSC_0017

Whilst the adults were given their own treats too !DSC_0021

 Carrot cake, Chocolate biscuits, Financier.. Yum!!DSC_0020

the event also hosted a picnic competition, where the best picnic set up wins tea for up to 20 guests!DSC_0013

 These ladies over at Project Picnic had the best set up as far as i was concerned! it was so cuteDSC_0014

These pictures do not do them any justiceDSC_0030

I know it was the first time LPDR hosted this event but i’m so certain, its going to get much bigger next year!!

Maybe i’d see some of you guys there next time?


Photos: Mine & Courtesy of Chocoralie 

Love & Light 






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