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InstaChronicles #1


Did it for the gram

I love how i can get all these pictures from my phone, with the help of a few filters of course. I love taking pictures, i find it easier behind the camera than in front of it, which often perplexes people due to my amazonian height. I’m all about capturing and sharing moments.

So say HELLO to my InstaChronicles! a summary of my week(s) or so, straight from my iPhone!

From L-R

1.) StreetStyle snap of FB that i’m pretty chuffed with. The Daniel Wellington watch, the shirt, the manly hand.. all makes for a striking image

2.) CHIMAMANDA.. i grabbed these from my cousin, I know i’m so so late but i’ve heard so many great things about this book can’t wait to read it

3.) That quote is literally “ME”.. this was at the Warehouse store in Oxford Street, the fitting rooms have had a huge makeover it was all so lush

4.) A day of random exploring led to this uber touristy shot of the London Eye

5.) Oink Oink.. Dinner at Bill in Borough Market, goodness those ribs were delicious

6.) The killer skirt i wore for a wedding, it got soo many compliments

7.) Have you guys heard of Lotus Biscoff  Spread!! Its the best thing ever, a spread made of biscuits.. YUM

8.) My first Lobster Roll experience from Bob’s Lobster

9.) My not so intentional pose at a friends 21st Birthday


Follow me on the gram to see these pictures first hand 🙂

Love & Light




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