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Fashion’s Night Out Returns

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7 reasons why you should be happy Vogue’s FNO is back

Last year Vogue’s FNO went to Manchester, in an attempt to share the experience with a new audience. Although successful, I was confused as to why it couldn’t be held in both cities. My September without FNO felt a lot colder but like the story of the prodigal son, it does feel good to have them return home.

So here are my 7 reasons why you should be happy too because 10 is so mainstream

(with some pictures from 2011 and 2012) 🙂

1.) Shopping !! from Topshop, Bershka to Dior and Mulberry, most retailers take part in this huge event


2.) Freebies, in this wise words of my mother, everything feels better when its free..

from goody bags to photobooth fun.. its such an enjoyable event. Literally a party on the street


3.) Streetstyle! everyone comes out in their fashion forward garms. Makes for a interesting pictures, if i must add


 Lego?.. Yes! a Lego necklace.. I’m pretty sure her heels were made out of Lego as well, but i refrained from asking to take pictures of her feet!


4.) The Louis Vuitton Models


customary pictures at the Louis Vuitton flagship store.. What would they wear this time around


5.) Celebrity Sightings


from bloggers, to Youtubers, models, the whole lot



try take a selfie with as many people you see, if they don’t mind that is 🙂


6.) Street Food!  with the growth of pop-ups on the London street food scene. I am most definitely excited to have some finger-licking awesomeness whilst i shop or window shop


7.) CARA! 


 this is solely, for my petition to meet Cara Delevingne again and get a better picture

Vogue FNO returns to London on the 23rd of September

Hope to see you guys there 🙂

Love & Light





  1. olushola Adollo says

    FNOrama, I remember the night Mimi went in 2012. Would have loved to attend to see for myself and explore the quirky side of fashion. May be next time.

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