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Introducing the WDW Series

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I noticed mimi walk in from the halls, her amazonian height making her easy to spot. She was busy, very busy. So she had requested we meet at the food halls in Harrods as she rushed to do some late night food shopping for the dinner party she had to throw. Her hair placed in a messy up do, minimal makeup highlighting her natural beauty, Mimi looked comfortable as she scoured though aisles, and her eyes lit as she explained to me the importance of having a particular type of cheese, to cook this traditional greek meal. She was passionate, she was happy, she was home.

She was so obviously female but dangerously androygnous in her skinny black pants ripped at the right knee, highlighting her lean yet curvy frame. Mimi ushered in a floral scent with a fresh tones, she suggested we take a seat after completing her errands. Her nails nude and freshly painted yet her finger donned a torquoise and silver ring while she scanned the menu,the little quirks of edge i began to notice in her personality. The hesitation was sutle but apparent, to which she settled with a caramel macchiato yet suggesting some the house favourites for me to try.  Her shirt a simple white tank which was hidden beneath a white long line blazer, both low in cut showing off her collar bones. She had the matte black chanel espadrilles, she is obviously aware of the trends but all in all there was this ease to her, this beauty.


Haha yes! you’re on the right blog !

I found this article on the Man Repeller, super amazing. The readers were asked to describe their style and self in the format of an opening paragraph of a celebrity interview. So i thought it’ll be amazing to try it out.

How would YOU describe yourself and style??

Channel your inner narcissist and go for it. Lay them down in the comments, if you’re brave or just do it in your own space.

But try it… spend the rest of our day just laughing and writing, writing and laughing.

 I used that article to set the tone on whats to come here on Mimalee..

Its called the WDW Series

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 00.26.11

WDW stands for Well Dressed Woman – it basically means what it says right of the tin, a Well Dressed Woman.. I’m not trying to be too obvious and think fashion bloggers or famous style icons.

[Case in Point – Miroslava Duma, who I’m going to be putting pictures up of today]

But Well Dressed Woman runs deeper than that and is much more familiar. Its you!


A WDW is a woman or young lady, who looks effortless, stylish, puts in thought and grace in her outfits. What she wears down to the perfume she uses accentuate the little notes in her dressing, the finishing touches.


You don’t have to be massively into fashion or be crazed over the latest trend, a WDW is easy and just always looks well-dressed.



So starting sometime in the next month, i’m going to be featuring some #WDW‘s on my blog, i’m pretty excited about this and i hope you guys can get involved to. If you like nominate people in the comments section below. Who inspires you? Who comes to your head when you think of a Well Dressed Woman?

Theres no age limit, theres no rules,  its just you 🙂

Have a lovely Sunday Guys


*Photos – Courtesy of Tumblr


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