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Late Night at Gelupo

Ice-Cream anyone?


I went to watch Thriller in theatre with my friends (Omg! i loved that show, not for its plot or anything, its just good fun like a concert and amazing if you’re a MJ fan) anywhoo, after all that intense dancing, rehashing childhood with thrust grabs and leg flicks,  something refreshing was duly needed. We walked past Gelupo and i screamed out in delight! It’s on my list of places to try whilst i’m in london list. Very good for my tummy but not for my pocket, you see. I’m not that much of an ice-cream fan, so Maya decided to get one and i egged her on. Did it for the blog (new food blogger problems)


Gelupo is an ice-cream house owned by the same people behind Bocca di Lupo (on the list as well), they specialise in artisan gelati and granita (flavoured water ices).



past 10:30pm and people were queuing for ice-cream, if that isn’t a sign of good ice-cream then what is?



There’s a cute little deli at the back of the shop


Maya got the Hokey Pokey, very creamy, smooth and a sutler coffee flavour.. Yum. Give it a try if you’re ever near, £4 for a cup, not too bad I think.

Love & Light




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