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Duck & Waffle

The Duck & Waffle


You have to try this, you just have to

I’ve been meaning to go here foreverrrr (okay since last year) but still in the foodie world, I am sooo late! Shame on me. So for FBs birthday i decided to surprise him with dinner and all he requested was a killer view. So here we were at Duck & Waffle, the view doesn’t get more killer than dinner on the 40th floor, I tell ya!  I brought along my camera, but forgot the battery, so annoying! So iPhone photos are going to have to suffice for this post.

At 12am FB got surprised and serenaded with a happy birthday song, courtesy of moi of which he gleamed like a blushing bride, haha! My voice tends to do that to people 🙂


So we kicked off dinner with the house bread with hand-churned butter & puglian olive oil. The bread was so yummy, once you cut into it all the heat from inside the bread rushed out like some sort of present waiting to be opened and geez it was incredibly soft. Honestly i could have eaten only that! We also ordered the Duck & Waffle staple, bbq spiced pig ears!

IMG_6085      IMG_6087

I love how it was presented, a brown paper bag and a red seal. FB said it reminded him of Game of Thrones and started going on about how he wanted a family seal! Sigh. Unfortunately i wasn’t too fond of the pig ears! They are similar to pork cracklings, which i quite enjoy but I personally didn’t like the bbq seasoning, i felt like i could taste a bbq spice powder, if that makes sense! and that wasn’t that nice


For our mains, we each had the duck & waffle yum!! Funny story, we saw a couple on the table beside us, with a big plate of fish and greens and potatoes and just assumed it was the scottish salmon on the Late Night Menu and ordered that.. Fail! It actually was the whole roasted sea bass (note to self, for next time) so we were left feeling rather deflated however, we were so full from the duck & waffle so we didn’t pay it any mind.


This was so good! and surprisingly filling. I loved everything about this dish, it was so hilarious because FB started doing the happy dance, you know, the one you do when food tastes so darn good, it was such a sight!


I’m wearing an Asos Midi Dress and Mac’s Heroine lipstick 🙂


My Instagram shot of the night!


Hope you had a lovely birthday FB! :*

Love & Light




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