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The Breakfast Club (Take One)

And it was awesome


Nom.. Nom.. Nom

I love when FB finds new hot spots to take me too, and cause i’m over here in Scottyland i can’t help but reminisce about the awesome-ness of The Breakfast Club when we went there last year and want to go there again.


So we went to the breakfast club in soho. I have never queued so long for a meal in my life (okay maybe once, at Pitt Cue Co). Still, it was insane! And you know the thing with queues once you’ve started, its hard to quit. So we queued for well over an hour, given the menu whilst we stood and when we were seated took no time in placing our order. You see FB gets cranky when he is hungry and has been waiting.

I love the bright yellow paint, reminds me of a breakfast egg .. weird i know. Oooh Ignore those two fellas, they just never moved


Crappy picture of the menu, You see, i so have to go back there purely to redeem this blog post. I’m very indecisive when it comes to food, so FB hinted at their pancakes & bacon, out of love and pure frustration, so they could get our order rolling. He got the same but with a side of sausages.


And here it is.. Oh look at it! Heaven i tell ya, Heaven, just pure yummy breakfast-ness.. The bacon, the maple, the pancake *licks lips*.. I washed my meal down with a virgin apple mojito, was kinda on the fence with this one. If it wasn’t for the fact that it one of our earlier food-dates, i would have sooooo asked for more *cough The All-American cough* I Had to resist and behave but the next time around.. ha FB knows me, I am coming for them full throttle 🙂

Love & Light




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