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Frozen Yoghurt hits the Dunds


sorbet mountain

After the stress of school, the only thing on my mind was my lunch break! It was so hot today, and i wore all black plus a leather jacket, perfect time to try the new frozen yoghurt spot.  When the Dundee news posts about the opening of the first frozen yoghurt and waffle shop, you know you have to check it out! And that is exactly what i did.


Frolick is a small shop set up in the Overgate mall, their menu extends from yoghurts to waffles and even a cookie sandwich. Doesn’t that sound deelish



I have this thing where i only like fro-yo is it tastes kinda like frozen natural yoghurt. Unfortunately, they had run out of the vanilla, so tried to be adventurous and try the cookies and cream, it kinda tasted like soft serve ice cream. Not my cup of tea. They had a variety of toppings from granola, marshmallows to cookies. YUM


I had a taster of the watermelon, mango and very berry sorbet and ended up getting the mango sorbet in small for £2.99. It was a decent serving for the price, it was even a little too much for me, but that never stopped me.


Unfortunately, i don’t think weather gods were on my side as i was caught with a dodgy umbrella in the midst of this torrential downpour! It was awful. Everyone kept chuckling at the sight of me straightening out my umbrella and licking my sorbet! Sigh


Not typical fro-yo weather!! Nevertheless i enjoyed it, try them out if you’re ever around Dundee 🙂

Love & Light




    • that cookie sandwich stole my heart!! But from your post on Sweet Kiwi, its good to see Lagos isn’t carrying last! haha


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